Terms and Conditions

Before you buy our Flush Kit, Please be aware that Harvest Right will not warranty a vacuum pump if they know you have a Flush Kit installed.

The only reason we know of why they do that, is that if used improperly you can damage parts of the pump.

Freeze Dryer Accessories will maintain no liability for improper use of the flush kit. Please use as instructed in the user guide shipped with your flush kit, or download a copy here.

To prevent damage be sure to follow the instructions provided with the flush kit or download the manual under the instructions tab on our website.

There are three things that can happen to your JB Industries DV-6-E pump (or other model pumps) if you forget to open one of the oil flow lines, while attempting to do a power flush:

1. It could blow the front gasket out. Part "Cover seal" PR-217 $4.46

2. It could blows the window out.

Part "Sight Glass" PR-1 $13.42

3. It could cracks the front housing. Part "Cover assembly" PR-10 $51.86

The blown cover gasket and the cracked housing, can be replaced by anyone that can remove the cover screws, and the sight glass window, if you are somewhat mechanically inclined.

You can order the parts at:


If you follow the instructions on the use of the Flush Kit, you will not only enjoy how easy it is to clean your pump with the Flush Kit, but you will also save lots of time on keeping your pump clean, but you will also save money by using less oil.

Ps. Please, Don't call Harvest Right about pump trouble like this that is caused by improper use of the Flush Kit, for any questions or concerns contact us at customerservice@freezedryeraccessories.com.

Happy Freeze Drying :)

Frank Lindhardt